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The Art & Craft of Reflective Lighting

Gaffers Salon Brunch & Talk

Presented by Lux Lighting and hosted by Samson Stages.

A deep dive into the theory and practice of achieving naturalistic lighting on set with…Gaffer/CEO Lightbridge – Jakob Ballinger (By the Sea, Le Grand Cahier)
DP Manuel Billeter (Jessica Jones, Gilded Age)
Gaffer Justyn Davis (Dear Edward)
Key Grip Ted Lehane (Dear Edward, Madame Secretary)
Moderated by Gaffer John Roche (The Sixth Reel, Tape)
Featuring clips from “Dear Edward,” with David Boyd as the cinematographer and executive director for the pilot, and Tim Bellen as the Director of Photography (DP) for the majority of the series

A roundtable discussion on creating mood and emotion in naturalistic lighting. From script to pre-pro to scouting and execution, we dove into the theory and real world applications of reflected lighting via a wide variety of tools; CRLS, mylars, mirrors, polished floors, and how the room/set itself becomes both a character and a lighting tool. Tasked with getting all the lights off set, Gaffer Justyn Davis and Key Grip Ted Lehane discussed their 6-month lighting (r)evolution on Apple TV’s “Dear Edward” and understanding how to work both creatively and efficiently with reflected lighting. Manuel Billeter went into period lighting on HBO’s “Gilded Age” with custom made large CRLS and the unique properties of bouncing soft light into CRLS. Jakob Ballinger discussed working with Christian Berger on the feature film “Le Grand Chair” with limited crew and how CRLS and reflected lighting can be both stupid simple and yet emotionally layered and complex. Gaffer John Roche, founder of Gaffers Salon, moderated and discussed how all these tools are infinitely scalable to the smallest documentary or short form project.

Watch the Discussion Here


Thank you to Samson Stages, illo Lighting, Lightbridge, Nanlux, ARRI, and everyone who came to attend this very special event

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