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Aputure: Light Storm 1200D Pro

Aputure: Light Storm 1200D Pro

The Light Storm 1200d Pro is the flagship Light Storm product and the brightest fixture in the Aputure and Light Storm lineup. It utilizes a 1200W Daylight COB chipset to compete on the same level as industry-standard HMI Lights, with a 83,100+ lux output at 3 meters with the Hyper Reflector (Narrow).

The LS 1200d Pro is the first and only Bowens Mount LED on the market with a 1200W COB, making it the highest output LED fixture compatible with Bowens Mount modifiers like Aputure Light Dome soft boxes and Lanterns. The LS 1200d Pro can also be accompanied by Bowens Mount soft boxes made by manufacturers such as DoPchoice and Chimera Lighting.

Using waterproof fans, sealed internal structures, rubber caps for all ports, and weatherproof connectors, the LS 1200d Pro can withstand challenging inclement weather environments.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x 1200D Fixture Head
  • 1x Control Box
  • 1x Rolling Case
  • 1x Protective Cover
  • 1x 1200D Extension Cable, 24′
  • 1x True1 Cable
  • 1x Quick Release Clamp
  • 1x Set of 3 Hyper Reflectors – Wide, Medium, Narrow
  • 1x Reflector Case

Fixture Specifications:

  • Daylight (5600K) CCT only, 8 Lighting effects
  • Mount: Baby Pin
  • Soft light
  • Output: Comparable to 1600W HMI
    • – 83,100 lux at 9.8′ with narrow reflector
    • – 22,400 lux at 9.8′ with medium reflector
    • – 13,010 lux at 9.8′ with wide reflector
  • Wattage: dual 48V/15A DC inputs (3-pin XLR) 96 VDC
  • Input Power: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Battery Compatibility: Yes, 48V/15A DC input power (3-pin XLR)
  • Case: (rolling case, 2 wheels) 1 person can carry
  • Wireless Networking: Bluetooth control, LumenRadio CRMX
  • DMX capable: Yes via 5-pin XLR or wireless
  • Power cable: True1 Cable
  • App Connectivity: Sidus Link

Accessories Available Upon Request:

  • Light Dome 150 Softbox
  • Octa 5 Rabbit Rounder
  • Octa 5 Snapgrid for Snapbag
  • LS 1200D 4-Light Bracket

Aputure is a global designer and manufacturer of cinema lighting fixtures, light-shaping accessories and lighting software. Its products are used in studio and on location film sets along with in photography and live production.

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Aputure: Light Storm 1200D Pro

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