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Block Battery: T-Pot

Block Battery: T-Pot

Dual 2F1 battery mount to power 14V, 28V or 48V equipment with simultaneous outputs. Comes standard with C-Stand mafer post.

Kit Includes:

  • 4x Block Batteries
  • 1x 2-Slot Block Battery Charger with IEC to Edison Cable
  • 1x 3-Pin DC Cable or PL4 to 3-Pin XLR or SPEAKON to 3-Pin XLR Cable
  • 1x T-Pot Dual Voltage 28/48 Adaptor
  • 1x Mafer Clamp
  • 1x Milk Crate

Fixture Specifications:

  • 2F1-Mount
  • Output Voltage: 14V/28V
  • Input Power: –
  • Wireless Connectivity: No
  • DMX Capable: No
  • App Connectivity: No

Accessories Available Upon Request:

  • 2F1-ABA (14V) Adaptor Plate
  • 2F1-VMA (14v) Adaptor Plate
  • 2F1-ABA (24V) Adaptor Plate

“Our management team has been in the professional broadcast/video/cine battery industry for 30 years. Block Battery was born in 2007 in Huntington Beach CA and has become an industry standard in the US cinema market. In 2021 Block Battery grew and relocated to Indianapolis Indiana. Block Battery is a family owned, veteran owned business committed to providing a better product, supplying better service, and offering a better price so that you can Power More. Our products are regularly used in the production of feature films and other commercial video production, powering cameras such as the Alexa, Phantom, Red, Sony CineAlta and a range of other portable video & lighting equipment.”

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