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Cineo: ReFlex R15

Cineo: ReFlex R15

The R15 has redefined how we think about LED lighting. With our patented liquid cooled system we are able to provide 90,000 Lumens of color accurate lighting. The R15 replaces HMI’s and large tungsten lights all in one package. This hard light has a spot to flood adjustment from 15º – 75º providing beam control like no other light. The R15 creates a single high quality shadow at any beam angle, with a flat exposure level across the beam. The Reflex R15 is a light you can run on a 20amp circuit. With it’s touchscreen interface, the level of customization is at your fingertips – making it possible to create looks and effects that in the past would have involved a lighting console and hours of programming.

Kit contents:

  • 1x Fixture Head
  • 1x Bulb
  • 1x Yoke
  • 1x Road Case

Fixture Specifications:

These fixtures create a soft light with an output of 5-25w depending on chosen bulb. They are not capable of dimming on the fixture head, however dimmers are available to include in the kit as requested.

  • CCT (2700K-6500K)
  • Junior mount
  • Hard light
  • Output: 7691 lux @ 6m
  • Wattage: 110 – 240V AC, 1500W Max.
  • Battery Compatibility: No
  • Case: (rolling case. 4 wheels. 40”Hx38.5”Lx30”W) 1 person can roll
  • Wireless Connectivity: DMX/RDM, integrated LumenRadio CRMX Wireless, sACN, ArtNet, remote operation via Ethernet & Wifi
  • DMX Capable: Yes
  • Power Cable: True1 Cable
  • App Connectivity: No

Cineo Lighting LLC was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television, and photography industries. Utilizing the latest developments in the field of phosphorescence and exploiting the unique properties of single wavelength photon sources, the principal parters at Cineo have developed an array of lighting devices that have captured the interest of professional image makers worldwide. Beginning with the TruColor™ lighting line in 2012, the company continues to focus on innovations that push the boundaries of illumination technology. Cineo continues to broaden its offering of robust lighting tools for both studio and portable applications, all with the unexcelled brightness, extremely accurate color quality, power efficiency, and flexibility of use.
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Cineo: Reflex R15

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