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DedoLight: DLH 400DT

DedoLight: DLH 400DT

Ever wonder why the beam from your little 150w dedolight looks so clean? It’s due to the Academy Award winner two aspheric lenses system, one at the front of the head and another inside, working in tandem to optimize and clean up the beam through the entire focus range. The nature of this lensing takes what you thought you knew about your 400w HMI light and re-imagines it. Natively, the light delivers a 4.5º – 50º focusing range. That’s not a typo. 4.5º super-spot up to 50º just by turning the focusing knob. Most lights, be it LED or HMI need accessories to do that, and most don’t even have an accessory to get to 4.5º. But then drop in front the DLWA400R wide angle lens, and the focus range is shifted to 50º-85º. With this single accessory in your kit, the DLH400 focusing range is 4.5º to 85º! Slide the Parallel Beam Intensifier (DPBA-1419) in front and put your DLH400DT on steroids: output is 12,500 fc (twelve thousand five hundred) at 12 ft. Pop in the 3400K lamp for a nice tungsten color with a loss of only 10% intensity vs. the Daylight lamp. The DLH400DT uses “A” size accessories, changed at the head by sliding them into the accessory slot (barn-door slot). It takes seconds to swap accessories, and each accessory is better at doing its job than other single-purpose lights built to do only that single task. This collection shows the DLH400DT light family with all the possible “A” size attachments compatible with it. The DLH400DT light is incredibly powerful and versatile, a workhorse on any production, just like a portable sun, and it runs quiet.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x DLH 400DT Unit Head
  • 1x Ballast
  • 1x Head Extension
  • 1x Light Shield Ring, A-Size
  • 1x Barn Doors
  • 1x Daylight Globe
  • 1x IEC to Edison
  • 1x Rolling Case

Fixture Specifications:

  • HMI (bulb light, NOT led): Daylight Only
  • Mount: Baby Pin
  • Hard light
  • Output: Flood: 2100 lux @ 3m / Spot: 41300 lux @ 3m
  • Input Power:  400W
  • Battery Compatibility: No
  • Case: 10.5” H x 22.5” L x 18.5” W
  • Wireless Connectivity: No
  • DMX Capable: No
  • Power Cable: IEC to edison
  • Note: All accessories need to be ‘A’ Size.
  • App Connectivity: No

Accessories Available Upon Request:

  • DPBA-14 Parallel Beam Intensifier
  • DPBA-1419 Parallel Beam Intensifier
  • DPBA-19 Honeycomb for 1419 Intensifier Lens
  • DLWAR400 Wide-Angle Aspheric Lens with Rotating Barn Doors
  • DWAFX400 Directional Beam Spreader
  • Lightstream Starter Reflector Kit, 25x25cm
  • EFLECT Reflector Kit, 18×18″

Dedo Weigert Film GmbH was founded in 1965 as a film production and camera rental company.

Since that time, the company has grown into one of the main importers of video and film technical equipment for professional film, broadcast and specialized photography.

DEDOLIGHT precision lighting instruments were conceived and developed within the framework of this company and the partner company Dedotec Munich. They now have a Flagship facility located in Burbank, CA.


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Dedolight: DLH 400DT

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