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Ratpac Controls: Cintenna RX Kit

Ratpac Controls: Cintenna RX Kit

Control an entire universe without compromise using CRMX wireless technology. The Cintenna is a professional DMX wireless device used to plug directly into your lights and is RDM capable when used with Nova FX or TX2. No hardware. No zip ties. 12-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery that fully charges in 5 hours.

Kit Includes:

  • 10x RX Onboard Battery Receivers with Antennas
  • 1x TX Onboard Battery Transmitter with Large Antenna
  • 1x Hardshell Case
  • 1x USB to Barrel Adaptor Cable
  • 10x USB to Mini USB Charging Cables with Charge Block

Fixture Specifications:

  • 5-Pin DMX Plug-in to Enable Wireless DMX
  • Input Power: 4-30 VDC Power
  • Battery Compatibility: Built in
  • Case: No wheels. 8.5”Hx18”Lx22.5”W. One person can carry 
  • Power cable: Micro-USB
  • App Connectivity: Blackout, other light programming softwares

Accessories Available Upon Request:

  • Cintenna AKS
  • Cintenna AKS+

Established in Los Angeles in 2011 with locations nation-wide, RatPac Controls designs, manufactures, sells, and rents power and data distribution equipment for lighting in the Motion Picture, Television, and Broadcast Media industries. Our product developments are focused on making the jobs of lighting and rigging easier and more efficient. Our products have been used on major motion picture and television shows around the world for over a decade. These product portfolios include whisper-quiet dimming solutions for all varieties of HMI, LED, and tungsten lights. We also lead the way in wireless lighting controls systems, designing and manufacturing transmitters and receivers compatible with all varieties of lighting fixtures commonly used on production sets.
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Ratpac Controls: Cintenna RX

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