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Rosco: DMG Mini

Rosco: DMG Mini

The DMG MINI is a slim-profile, ultra-bright soft light that provides superior LED color mixing for filmmakers to create soft illumination wherever it’s needed on set. The ultra-thin, lightweight fixture features a powerful array of emitters that can produce virtually any color desired, as well as full-spectrum white light.

Rosco’s patented MIX technology features six LEDs: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White. This proprietary blend of emitters enables DMG MINI fixtures to produce a wider gamut of colors than comparable RGBW/RGBA fixtures. The red, lime, and amber LEDs have also been phosphor-converted. This process not only fills in the spectral gaps found in other color mixing lights, it also optimizes the fixture’s output to better match the sensors of digital cameras.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x DMG Mini Unit Head
  • 1x Control Box
  • 1x Dome Diffuser
  • 1x Mix Adaptor Plate
  • 1x IEC to Edison
  • 1x Gold Mount Battery Plate
  • 1x Head Ext.
  • 1x Lollipop Mount
  • 1x Single Case

Fixture Specifications:

  • CCT (1700K-10000K), HSI, Gels 
  • Mount: Baby Pin
  • Soft light
  • Output: 266 lux @ 3m 5600k
  • Input Power: 12-35V
  • Battery Compatible: Yes 
  • Case: No wheels. 12.5Hx24”Lx11.5”W. One person can carry. 
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wifi/LAN, Bluetooth, LumenRadio, CRMX
  • DMX Capable: Yes, via 5-pin XLR & wireless
  • Power Cable: IEC to Edison
  • App Connectivity: MyMIX LED

Rosco, founded in 1910, is best known for the products it originally manufactured: color filters, gobos, scenic paints and fog products for the entertainment industry.

The company now offers products in more than a dozen categories, including LED Lighting, Backdrops and Digital Imagery, Window Control, Image and Effect Projection Equipment, Staging Products, Projection Screens and Flooring products for dance and television studios


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Rosco: DMG Mini

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